Do You Have a Bomb Poke Recipe? Enter Makena's Summer Poke Contest on Friday June 20, 2014

 DaJam 98.3 and presents THE 1ST ANNUAL Makena Beach & Golf Resort 2014 Summer Poke Contest

Contest Held on: Friday June 20, 2014 at 6:30 PM at the Molokini Bar & Grille
Registration Period EXTENDED til: Thursday June 19, 2014 at 8:00 PM
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Summer is upon us and to celebrate the coming of the summer season DaJam 98.3 and Presents the 1st Annual Makena Beach & Golf Resort’s Summer Poke Contest on Friday June 20, 2014 at 6:30 PM at the Molokini Bar & Grille. No other food represents Hawaiian local grindz or goes hand in hand with summer potluck gatherings, more than poke. We invite to put your own perfected and esteemed poke recipes to the test and battle other poke specialists to win the title for Best Poke Dish and a chance to win a gift certificate for a weekend stay in one of Makena Beach & Golf Resort’s oceanfront Room and a gift certificate for two to our famed Makena Sunday Brunch. Plus, the winning poke dish will be featured in our line-up of fresh island pokes at our Friday Island Style Seafood Buffet for an entire year. To Enter Fill Out our Entry Form and Submit A Recipe to the Makena Beach & Golf Resort by Thursday June 19, 2014.

Official Complete Rules and Regulations

What is Poke?

The word "Poke" itself means “to cut,” and Poke includes bite-size cuts of seafood mixed with local condiments and ingredients. In all the multitude of poke variations, that include Freshly caught local fish and seafood like tako (octopus) and ahi tuna are chopped up to serve as a base. However, new variations have included non-seafood items like tofu, seaweed and steak. The condiments and flavorings often indicate the strong Japanese and Korean influence on Hawaiian food, with wasabi, kimchi and shoyu (soy sauce) as heavy flavorings. New poke variations include such items like Porteguese Style Cured Meat called Pipikaula and sometimes event steak. The variations and recipes are endless. Each poke brings together the same delicate synthesis of cultures and natural resources that compose Hawaii, Hawaiians, and Hawaiian cuisine.

Entry Rules

Entry Rules:

  1. Entrants must be of 18 years of age to enter or must be accompanied/represented by a designated parent or legal guardian.
  2. Hawaii residency is not required. Subject to applicable federal, state and local laws and regulations.
  3. Entrants must complete a registration form and submit it with their Poke recipe to the Makena Beach & Golf Resort’s PR/Marketing team by 8:00 PM (HST) on June 19, 2014.
  4. All contestants are allowed one (1) free recipe/dish entry. Any additional subsequent entries by an individual beyond the one free allotment is subject to a $5 fee for each additional entry. Any needed payment must accompany each recipe entry. Checks must be made out the Makena Beach & Golf Resort.
  5. Recipe submissions must be written in English and have exact measurements.
  6. No recipe changes are allowed once the recipe has been submitted.
  7. Illegible entries will be disqualified. The Makena Beach & Golf Resort and other sponsors are not responsible for lost, illegible, incomplete, misaddressed, postage due or otherwise misdirected entries or transactions that are lost due to computer or electronic malfunction or other error.
  8. Poke recipes must be submitted within the following contest categories: Traditional Poke (base main ingredient is made with fresh island fish), Non-Traditional (no-fish) Poke (Main ingredient is non-fish i.e. tako, shrimp, pipikaula, tofu or clams)
  9. Entrants are encouraged to creatively use other fresh secondary ingredients like ogo or other seaweed, seeds, herbs, spices, nuts, home-made marinades, tofu, fruits, vegetables and seasonings in their recipes.
  10. Contest entrants or a designated proxy (as indicated on the registration form during the entry period) must bring 0.5 - 1 lb of prepared Poke to the contest for judging and tasters for buffet-goer tasting on Friday June 20, 2014 by 6:30 PM (HST) at the Molokini Bar & Grille.
  11. Each contestant will have a small 3 ft. round table to distribute tasters to the audience. The resort will provide small tasting cups and utensils for the audience tasting. The resort will also provide a small common preparation area that will be space and table top only (utensils or ingredients will not be provided) for any last minute preparations to their poke and to prepare judging plates.
  12. Due to space limitations, each contestant is allowed one assistant or supporter in the contest area during the event. Additional families and friends of contestant are welcomed to attend the event as buffet goers. The resort will provide contestant supporters with a 15% discount to the Friday Night Seafood Buffet during the contest period.
  13. For judging contestants must prepare 6 portions for 5 contest judges and the event Master of Ceremony. The resort will provide all contestants with six small standard tasting plates. However, contestants may bring and use their own plates to present their poke dishes to the judges. Contestants are responsible for bringing any additional ingredients or garnish items for the presentation of their poke dish to the judges.

See Full Contest Rules and Regulations

For more information contact Makena Beach & Golf Resort Public Relations and Marketing Representative
Jovelyn Bonilla at (808) 875-5818 or by email at:


(1) Finalist for  Best Traditional (Main ingredient is fresh island fish) Poke

Will Win:  A certificate to the Makena Sunday Brunch/Friday Buffet for 4 people.

(1) Finalist for  Best Non-Traditional (Main ingredient is non-fish i.e. tako, shrimp, pipikaula, tofu or clams) Poke

Will Win:  A certificate to the Makena Sunday Brunch/Friday Buffet for 4 people.

One (1) Grand Prize will be awarded with the “Best Overall Poke Dish” will win:

  • A certificate for a weekend (two night stay) in one of Makena’s Oceanfront Room
  • A certificate for two people to attend the Makena Beach & Golf Resort’s famed Sunday Brunch or Friday Island Seafood Buffet.
  • In addition, the winning recipe and poke dish will be feature on the Molokini Bar & Grille’s Friday Island Buffet line up of fresh pokes for a whole year with the winner’s name.

For US residents: all federal, state, local taxes, if any, are the responsibility of the winner. Prize is valid for six months from Friday June 20, 2014. Certificate is subject to availability, black-out dates and restrictions and not combinable with promotional offers. Certificates are non-transferable and not redeemable for cash. Restrictions may apply, subject to taxes. Does not include travel expenses.

Poke Entry Sample - Makena Rock Shrimp Poke

Makena Rock Shrimp Poke

Poke Ingredients

3 lbs       Rock Shrimp Raw
1 each   Cucumber (peeled, seedless, smile diced)         
1 each   Tomato (small dice)
1 each   Jalapeno (seeded, minced)
2 oz        White Onion (small dice)
2 Tbl       Cilantro, chop  
Salt to taste
Fresh cracked Pepper to taste

Kaffir Lime Sour Cream

1 cup     Sour Cream
2 tbl       Fresh Lime Juice
1 each   Kaffir Lime Leaf Pulverized
Salt to taste
White Pepper to taste

Poke Juice

2 oz        Fresh Lime Juice
1 oz        Pickled Ginger, chopped
2 oz        Soy Sauce
2 oz        Sugar
2 oz        Rice Vinegar
½ tbl      Tabasco
1 1/3 oz Sesame oil
2 oz        Salad oil


  1. Poach the raw rock shrimp in salted boiling water 1-2 minutes till half cooked, remove and drain, then chill
  2. Mix with the cucumber, tomato, onion, jalapeno, cilantro with pinch of salt and fresh pepper.
  3. Combine ingredients for poke juice and mix well, or use blender
  4. Moisten the shrimp poke with enough poke juice to flavor all ingredients
  5. Place poke on fried won ton chip and garnish with kaffir lime sour cream